SnapNrack Debuts SpeedSeal Mounting Technology
SnapNrack Debuts SpeedSeal Mounting Technology

SnapNrack, a manufacturer of solar mounting solutions, has debuted its new SpeedSeal technology featuring SpeedSeal Foot for the Ultra Rail roof mount system and SpeedSeal Track for the RL Universal roof mount system

SnapNrack is introducing a new generation of roof attachments with an innovative design that incorporates flashing reliability into a single attachment by using a patent-pending lag-driven sealant technology.

SpeedSeal Foot and SpeedSeal Track speed up the installation process by allowing installers to lag straight to a structural member with no in-between components – and eliminates damage to shingles from the installation process. 

The simple install process consists of locating a rafter, filling the sealant cavity and securing to the roof. SpeedSeal takes over, compressing sealant into the cavity, shingle surfaces and lag hole, as the SpeedSeal Foot or SpeedSeal Track is secured to the rafter. The 100% waterproof solution provides a lasting seal and passes UL 2582 Wind Driven Rain Test and ASTM E2140 Water Column Testing standards.

Both SnapNrack SpeedSeal Foot and SpeedSeal Track save installers time on the roof with fewer parts and tools while maintaining the integrity of the shingles. In order to properly install a rigid metal flashing, it requires the use of a pry bar to rip up the shingles and remove the nails. The SpeedSeal Foot and SpeedSeal Track eliminate this process, so the roof remains intact, the way the roofing manufacturer meant it to be, all while installing with faster times. SnapNrack’s tradition of a single tool installation is carried on in the new SpeedSeal Foot and SpeedSeal Track designs with the same ½” socket, which is the standard for all components of SnapNrack’s mounting systems. 

SnapNrack is now accepting orders for the new SnapNrack SpeedSeal Foot and SpeedSeal Track with standard order lead times. 

For more information on SnapNrack’s racking and mounting solutions, click here.

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