The company was founded to provide quality products and services to the construction industry. 

After successful years in the business, the BOD decided to reorganize the company to Palma group in the beginning of 2020 to be better prepared for future opportunities and challenges.

This restructure, with our expertise in solar technology, enables us, to deliver additional services, custom-designed, cost-effective and practical solutions to our customers.



We passionately create sustainable values for

our customers, the community and the environment

to have a healthy planet and a better life for

today and the next generations


We put people in the centre of our activities, by creating a better everyday life for our customers, our employees and the community with our creative thinking and our passion.


To provide custom-designed, innovative, cost-effective, efficient and practical solutions for customers from different industries.


We Care:

- For employees: That they have a good work / family balance, we value our employees, we encourage their development and reward their performance

- For customers: Keep our promises to deliver high quality products and services and economical solutions to improve their - business and reputation in the community

- For the community: We rise awareness for protecting the environment which benefits all individuals and creates a stable and supportive society

- For the environment: To have a positive, sustainable impact on the environment, for future generations to come

We deliver excellence:

- By delivering high quality services and products

- By keeping our promise to the deadline and agreed costs

- By developing, designing and engineering excellent tailor-made solutions for our customers 

- By supporting our people in personal development and any other situation in life

We are passionate:

- In everything we are doing

- Because we love our jobs our business

- To stick to our commitment to what we say, what we agreed on

- To have successfull projects and satisfied customers

- To protect the environment for future generations